[VIDEO] Prison Wardens Rough up Nairobi City Business-Man, Mr. Ben Waithaka


City businessman Ben Waithaka has filed a complaint with IPOA on an assault by prison wardens outside Milimani courts on Tuesday afternoon.

Waithaka said he was driving from Hillside restaurant towards town when one of the officers asked him to get his car off the road to make way for a prison van heading to the court.

“Before I reversed my car, the officer shouted at me. I asked him what was wrong. He slapped me before other officers joined him and bundled me out of the car with kicks and blows,” he told journalists.

“I ran back to Hillside restaurant where I sought refuge but at least 10 other prison warders followed me, got me out of the restaurant and beat me again.”

A video of the fracas has since gone viral. Members of the public are heard asking police not to assault Waithaka while an officer is seen restraining his colleague from attacking him.

City businessman Ben Waithaka is manhandled by prison officers outside Milimani law courts, May 9, 2017. /COLLINS KWEYU

Waithaka said the van was behind his car therefore he could not reverse.

“The prison vehicle had also blocked me. There was nothing I could do at that time,” he said.

Waithaka was taken to Upper Hill police post and put in a cell. He was later released on a cash bail of Sh10,000.

The prison van that Nairobi businessman Ben Waithaka was asked to make way for before he was assaulted by prison officers outside Milimani law courts, May 9, 2017. /COLLINS KWEYU

The businessman filed his complaint with the Independent Policing Oversight Authority after going to hospital and obtaining a p3 form from police.

The officers wrote a statement alleging he blocked the road and fought one of the askaris.

Hillside owner Daniel Munene condemned the incident and said he will sue police for storming his premises and assaulting Waithaka who had just had lunch.

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