CAR CLINIC: The ignition may be the reason why your car has stalled


Dear Baraza,

I own a 2006 model Toyota Isis Platana purchased from Japan. For five years now, I have been driving without any major issues apart from the alternator and starter repair.

I have ran out of fuel only twice within the same years. Now, a top right-hand side engine mounting is broken [could you tell me how much it costs] and when I start the car in the morning, it emits black smoke for a while which smells like burning oil. My mechanic says the engine needs an overhaul but cannot guarantee this as there are issues in a viv D4 engines. What could you advice? Abdul

Hi Abdul,

I don’t know how much an engine mount costs; less so for a vehicle I have never owned.

My automotive knowledge does not extend to price lists of sundry parts, and cursory attempts at establishing this result in responses along the lines of “Let’s talk on the side” which means the price is not even standard — it appears that there is a different price for different people depending on who is asking and who is being asked.

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