How To Sell A Car Tips


Many things will determine how to sell a car.

Type of Auto-mobile

  • Car
  • Truck
  • SUV
  • Van, etc.

Condition of Auto-mobile

  • Is it like new inside and out?
  • Does it have a great paint job but tattered inside?
  • Is it high mileage?
  • Is it in good running condition?

All these conditions will affect how fast your car will sell. If it’s been taken care of and looks good inside and out it will sell fairly quickly as long as it’s not a seasonal vehicle. Convertibles and sports cars can tend to sell better during the summer months when the weather’s nice.

Balance Tires

If your car is vibrating while driving down the road then go have the tires balanced so it will drive smoothly. Go to a tire center and tell them you want the tires rotated and balanced.

Replace Weak Battery

If the battery is weak and causing the starter to drag while cranking, have the battery replaced. You can go to Auto Zone or another car parts store and they will check your battery for free. If the battery is bad most of these stores will even install the new battery for you.

Replace Squeaking Belts

If something is squeaking such as the belts or water pump. Have them replaced. I don’t know about you but when I hear squeaking noises coming from a car I’m interested in buying it is a turn-off for me. But if I really like the car I know I can have the belts replaced and also, buy the car at a reduced price. I can use the fact that the belts will have to be replaced and offer the seller a lower amount than what he’s asking. I like my cars to run quietly and smoothly. This is how I know there’s nothing wrong with them.

Cold Air-Conditioning

I will not buy a car if it doesn’t have an air conditioner. Living in the South we have very humid temperatures and in the summer it is absolutely horrible without an air-conditioner in the vehicle. If your air-conditioner is not cooling then I recommend having it fixed or suffer a huge loss to the value of your car. I believe most people feel the same way I do about having an air-conditioner in the vehicle.


There are many places to sell a car. If you don’t have an luck using the free advertising methods then this might be the medium that finds you a buyer.  I recommend using the “place private Advert” option they have. This is the least expensive route because you can advertise your car indefinitely at no additional costs. If the free advertising online methods don’t work you might want to consider lowering you price before using the advertising medium. Your selling price just may be too high.

Here is how to sell a car with free advertising.




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