Simple car care tips

Updated: August 13, 2010

Many of us have questions on how many times their cars should be washed, detailed and also waxed. Here are the basic body needs of your vehicle’s body.


  • Cars parked outside should be washed once a week, its not a constant everyday thing unless you went through the mud. “Too much wash makes the body have a dull finish.”
  • Once every other week for garage vehicles i.e you have a garage at home.


  • All cars should be waxed once every 3 months. Don’t be tempted to over do it.
  • Dark rich colors such as black, charcoal, forest green, blue, reds you have to wax every other month.


  • Every car should have an annual complete detail.
  • Vehicles parked outside might require detailing twice a year.


  • All interiors should be cleaned and conditioned twice a year.
  • Leather treatment should be considered every three months, especially for vehicles parked outside regularly.


  • Rims and Wheels should be cleaned after every 2 weeks to avoid brake dust build up.
  • All rims should be polished and protected at least every six months.
  • Chrome and painted rims may require cleaning every three months.


“It aint got FLARE if you don’t  CARE“  By: The Editor (Kenya Car Bazaar)

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