Repair of stone chips in car paint


I have recently received many questions about the repair of stone chips in car paint’s therefore I will just summarize my short answer up here on the blog, so others might enjoy it.

We know it all, you wash the car, and hey, what was it? an annoying stone chips, right where you put most attention to it …

This blog has the answers to:

  • What can you do?
  • How can you do yourself – to repair the chip in the paint itself?
  • What can you do to ensure you do not get stone chips in the paint?

Are there any cheap and easy ways to solve the problem?

What can you do?

  • 1st Complacency – the problem is coming rust.
  • 2. Paint the front flap – the problem is that often comes color difference.
  • 3. Terminate with a Paint, the problem is that generally people are really poor for that!

Let us build on number 3, then option 1 and 2 are not very good.

  • There are 2 types of Paint
  • a step – that is paint and color in one!
  • Two Step – color first, then paint!
Repairing stone chips in paint:
In this guide you can use: Water Abrasive grains 3,000, morten Brush, Paint, Medium Karma / Karma Coarse polishing cream, Car Paint Sealant and wax.
  • Wash the car thoroughly.
  • If there has been a bit of rust – Sharpen the place where the chip has been that is DOWN in the chip, not around the chip.
  • There is no reason to weaken the paint around. Consider using a coarse abrasive, and do it with a cotton swab.
  • If there is rust, so do not grind! Just intent to step fourth
  • Make sure the wound is clean – and dry.
  • here comes the secret trick! – A little color on a morten brush – or the finest brush you can buy in a hobby shop – then add less than 1 drop, about 1 / 10 drop of color in the wound on the car – and blow SOFT so it distributed properly.
  • Wait until the color hardens
  • With a different brush, you are doing the same trick with clear lacquer. make sure it does not lie beside the wound, but fills out nicely.
  • Then wait a week or so – to the paintwork has been well and thoroughly.
  • Vandslib bubble excess paint with a grain 3,000 if you have the nerve for it, and then polishing up thoroughly – preferably with a machine.
  • Water sanding marks and hand polishing does not hand in hand!
  • Do any vandslib and hand polish if you’re more into the solution.
  • Polishing then the car up with Karma Coarse polishing cream, or Karma Between Polishing Cream until it is nice and shiny again.
  • Remember to use a good Car Paint Sealant and a good wax afterwards

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