5 habits Kenyan men do in matatus that make them unattractive


As a woman, I appreciate attractive men and I am not shy to say and go for who I want. However, there are those manners that are a complete turn off and men should completely stop doing. 

These are the 5 behaviours men do in matatus that completely put women off; 

1. Scrambling for a matatu, bus, train, and any other public service vehicle

On Friday, as I waited for a bus to Ruaka, I witnessed people scrambling for matatus. This was not the first time I have seen people do this. I decided to look at the men’s facial expressions as they scrambled for the bus and it was pathetic. 

I always lose my respect for men who do this. Once they were done being juvenile, I got in because THERE WAS ENOUGH SPACE FOR EVERYONE! 

Please, guys, I do not know where you are rushing to go-most likely it’s not a well-paying job that’s why you are using a public service vehicle – but if you are late; you reschedule your morning appointments, make arrangements for what should happen before you get there, you delegate morning activities, you inform whoever is waiting on you that you will be late, you leave the house earlier or use a different route next time to avoid similar inconveniences. 

On the bus, I looked at the same men who were fighting each other to get in. What a shame. 

 2. Wearing earphones and a hoodie in a matatu, bus and any other public area

Please, unless you are going through puberty, men should stop doing this. Have some confidence and take off that hoodie, remove your earphones once in a while and tell your neighbor hi. Then wear your earphones back if you like. 

3. Always on their phone

I have sat next to and behind men in a matatu while they were on their phones and boy have I seen a lot. Seriously? The girl you are probably looking at on Instagram while she is not so clothed posing with her behind out could even be sitting next to you but you are too glued to your phone to notice. Also, the adult content you are looking at should have been looked at in your bathroom before you took a shower. Otherwise, it is a put-off. 

There is also this behaviour where once a guy gets into a public service vehicle, they have to call their long-distance girlfriend to ask them whether they are awake. Really guys? Couldn’t you have done this in the house? This is very annoying and it makes you look juvenile. We get it, you are taken so are we but we could still have made good acquaintances if you didn’t decide to come to the matatu to ask your girlfriend whether they had sukuma wiki for dinner last night. 

4. Taking alcohol and other substances in public service vehicles 

This adolescent behaviour needs to stop especially in matatus. How can a grown man hide liquor in his bag and sip it in bits in a matatu? Worse off, those using mugoka. I do not understand this at all. You need help. Also, for those who get crazy drunk in town and ride a public vehicle home, please unless you will be making us laugh with your drunk jokes, get a taxi. 

5. Insulting the matatu tout 

I get it; you have paid for a service, so you should get your money’s worth. You should also not be overcharged or have someone refuse to give you your change. I get into arguments with the touts once in a while and I believe that you can have a healthy argument that does not turn to insults being thrown at each other. Otherwise, insulting people of a perceived lower level than you just makes you look immature, not macho.

SOURCE: hivisasa.com

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