Anger after Nairobi matatu driver is captured on camera assaulting passenger with metal rod


The driver of matatu of registration number KAK 251C was caught on camera assaulting a passenger using a wheel spanner

The incident sparked social media uproar compelling National Transport and Safety Authority to respond

Cases of matatu operators assaulting passengers have been on the raise and Kenyans on Twitter have been aggressive in spotting and reporting them to authorities

Kenyans have viciously reacted to an outrageous video that surfaced on Twitter pitting a matatu driver assaulting a passenger in Ruaka, Nairobi.

While it was not clear what sparked the confrontation between the two, netizens accused the driver of arrogance.

In a viral video seen by on Monday, March 25, the driver of matatu registration number KAK 251C confronted the unarmed passenger with a wheel spanner and ruthlessly hit him several times on the head despite the visibly overwhelmed man trying to ask for help from bystanders.

At some point, while engaging in the tussle, the two rolled on the ground several times leaving the once well dressed passenger with a tattered shirt.

While the incident was first reported to have taken place along Kangundo Road, in Nairobi, some Twitter users claimed the fracas actually happened in Ruaka, Kiambu.

Agitated Kenyans on Twitter condemned the attack calling on the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) officials to move with speed and arrest the driver.

This incident happened barely two weeks after another one where a matatu tout roughed up and attempted to eject a mother and her child out of a PSV for allegedly refusing to pave way for excess passengers to board.

Kenyans on Twitter have been aggressive in spotting and reporting cases of misconduct and violation of traffic rules that have seen perpetrators, mostly caught on camera, arrested and charged.


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