Armed Thugs Shot Dead as Carjacked Matatu Overturns Mid-Robbery


On Saturday, November 16, a carjacking took an unexpected twist as the bus that was under attack overturned during the incident.

According to police sources, the Double M matatu plying route 23 is reported to have overturned and rolled several times in Buruburu area while under the commandeering of the carjackers.

A Double M bus in Nairobi.

Following the accident, police arrived at the scene and shot dead two of the carjackers.

Several passengers were injured in the crash with reports of one person being admitted at Mama Lucy Hospital for emergency treatment.

Two homemade guns were recovered from the armed thugs with a pursuit on for the rest who managed to escape.

A number of carjacking incidents have been reported in Nairobi.On Saturday, October 5, A Nairobi bound matatu was the scene of a dramatic hijacking incident that left 14 passengers in total shock.

According to Citizen Digital, police are looking into the incident which took place at around 9:30 P.M.

Police have urged matatu operators and private vehicles to observe caution, especially with the festive approaching.

Already, there have been more police stops within the city where officers inspect vehicles and ensure adherence to traffic laws.


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