City Hall tears down illegal billboards along Nairobi streets


City Hall has begun removing billboards and outdoor advertising structures that have been erected without approval.

In a statement, Lands and Urban Planning executive Charles Kerich told advertising firms to settle their debts before the 10th of every month.

Outdoor advertising companies owe the Nairobi County Government Sh227 million.

Kerich said some companies have a tendency of concealing information so as to evade paying county revenue.

County officials began pulling down illegal billboards starting with Waiyaki Way.

“Out of the 48 outdoor companies only about 10 to 15 per cent are compliant in terms of regular schedules, making payments to the county government,” Kerich said.

He said they have held several meetings with the companies for them to be compliant before the county takes any action.

Planning Chief Officer Justus Kathenge said the county government and the companies have agreed on an occupancy schedule.

“Aa occupancy schedule indicates the advertisers’ data which we compare with our record,” he said.

The two officials said despite holding meetings with advertisers, some have ignored reminders to pay their dues. “It will not be business as usual,” they said.

Kerich said the purpose of the meetings was for the county and the advertisers to reach a consensus. Each of the parties tabled the issues they were facing, he said.

It was agreed that each billboard and outdoor advertising structure must be well branded for easier identification.

Advertising firms with approvals will erect single sided billboards and cannot convert them to become double-sided billboards without seeking approval from City Hall.

It was also agreed that all billboards are not to exceed the maximum dimension of 10 by 12m.

Waiyaki Way, Ngong Road, Lang’ata Road, Mombasa Roads and Thika Superhighway were singled out as having the most illegal billboards.


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