Gov Mutua Calls for Arrest of Matatu Driver Filmed Overtaking Dangerously


Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has called for the arrest and subsequent arraignment of a matatu driver who was filmed overtaking at a blind corner.

The matatu from Naboka Sacco almost collided with an oncoming lorry forcing the driver to swerve.

Governor Mutua stated that the madness could only be tamed if strict measures were taken against such drivers.

“Madness. And then people say, ‘we loved our family members but God loved them more’. The driver should be banned from driving, charged and locked up for reckless driving,” Mutua tweeted.

A bus from the NABOKA SACCO

In response, NTSA announced that the driver’s Class A endorsement and PSV licence had been revoked.

The driver, Godfrey Njuguna, will also be forced to undergo re-testing to assess his driving skills.

NTSA also noted that all drivers and conductors from the sacco will have to undergo a mandatory road safety sensitization training conducted by the authority.

As the video did rounds on social media, it elicited mixed reactions from the members of the public.

“This bad but NTSA should also start setting a minimum speed limit for different roads. How does someone drive at 30kph while the maximum speed limit is 100kph? Hence some drivers get to overtake them with any available chance. Most drivers ever had that moment on the road,” Sammy Kahara complained.

NTSA urged the public to stay vigilant and report all rogue driver on the roads. They also requested the passengers never to remain silent in such incidents.


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