Government mulls gazetting new rules on tyre pressure, alcoblow, and speed


The Government will gazette a new set of rules which will ensure the equipment used to measure and monitor vehicle speed, alcohol levels in Breathalysers, tyre pressure, and weight conform to world standards in order to enhance safety in the transport sector.

The Cabinet Secretary for Industry, Trade and Cooperatives Dr Adan Mohammed made this disclosure in a speech read on his behalf by the PS for Industry Patrick Nduati.

This was during this year’s celebrations to mark World Meteorology Day at the Kenya Institute of Business studies.

The move comes after the Court of Appeal said the use of breathalyzers to charge drunk drivers in court was illegal, with a three-judge bench observing that the laws introduced by National Transport Authority were inconsistent with the Traffic Act. The ruling means alcoblow can be used to measure levels of alcohol consumed but that police cannot charge anyone under the rules which established alcoblow.

The judges said anyone found drunk-driving should be charged under traffic laws, not alcoblow rules. Dr Adan said the Legal Metrology Bill currently in parliament seeks to enhance accuracy of measuring and diagnostic equipment in the health sector, besides improving safety of transport on land, sea and air.

The CS emphasised that World Trade Organisation agreements required organisations to have credible, reliable and trustworthy measurement systems for their goods and services to find acceptance nationally and across borders.

“My ministry has put in place laws and regulations aimed at ensuring that all measurements done by players in the trade, manufacturing and transport industry do so pursuant to laid down guidelines to promote social economic development and curb unfair trade practices in our society,� said Dr Mohamed.

He said that this year’s theme “Measurements for transport� was relevant as the country strives to improve on speed and safety of goods and passengers using the new standard gauge railway.

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