KeNHA to fix impassable Busia roads


• KeNHA western region director Engineer Isaiah Onsongo promises Ojaamong to fix roads.

• Governor threatened demonstrations over KeNHA’s laxity in road work; wants Uganda border roads fixed first.

The Kenya National Highway Authority will repair impassable roads and revamp infrastructure in Busia county to improve trade in the border region.

New western region director Engineer Isaiah Onsongo assured Governor Sospeter Ojaamong of full support to ensure roads are up to standard.

Speaking after meeting Ojaamong in his office on Tuesday, Onsongo said that all roads under KeNHA will undergo major rehabilitation. He said poor infrastructure has for a long time hindered trade, even with neighbouring Uganda.

Roads under KeNHA jurisdiction include Busia-Mayoni, Busia-Malaba and Busia-Kisumu.

He said he and Ojaamong agreed on a wide range of issues.

In February, the governor issued demonstration threats over KeNHA’s laxity in expanding the dilapidated Busia-Kisumu roads, which put his administration on a collision course with residents.

Ojaamong said he will not withdraw his threats until the authority lives up to its promises.

The governor told Onsongo to start road repairs from the Busia border that are in bad condition. Residents blame Ojaamong.

The Governor also revisited the issue of the trailer park that KeNHAhad pledged to in Busia and Malaba, in exchange for land Busia donated for the construction of the One Stop Border Posts in Busia and Malaba.


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