Then the Bridal Car Ran Out of Fuel



    NELSON: We attended the same primary school, Buruburu I, and also, she was my neighbour. She lived three gates away from our house.Though my family moved when I was in high school, we managed to reconnect after high school and become very good friends.

    NJERI: We had our first date when I was at the university.

    NELSON: I took her out for a lunch date and skating at Panari Sky Centre.

    NJERI: I think we were both very excited and intimidated at the same time. We had been good friends for a long time and we both knew we had feelings for one another but we put our friendship first. Going out on the first date was breaking our friendship code. He had a huge advantage in knowing what would make me comfortable on a date because of the friendship bond. He planned smart in combining lunch with an activity like skating.

    NJERI: The ring (breaks into laughter). The most memorable thing about the engagement was all the details in the setup. The candle lights, chocolates, tiger lilies, soft music and my brother’s big smile filming the moment and Maingi’s sigh of relief for having pulled the surprise successfully.

    My brother and Maingi had worked together for three months trying to figure out the best way to pull a surprise. This is the only successful surprise they have ever managed to pull on me.

    NELSON: God’s grace had fully covered us as everything fell together beyond our imagination. The only two interesting things that happened on the morning of the wedding is that my coat had some ointment all over it and my best man and I had to rush to the laundry shop very early in the morning.

    The bride’s car ran out of fuel and they had to wait for 15 minutes and the bridal team and photographer took advantage of the situation and took amazing shots by the road side. Despite that, the bridal car got to church on time even before the pastor arrived.

    NJERI: The most memorable part was the a cappella. This moment stood out for me because my mum passed away in 2012 and my brother has been my pillar. Having him hold my hand and walk me to the altar made me feel complete. The groom singing ‘Intentional’ was a celebration that God was doing it for us and His faithfulness and grace is intentional in our lives.


    NJERI: it is important to have your vision of the wedding in clear a simple manner and do not let circumstances dictate your vision. Proper planning makes work easier but doing things in a hurry will make you settle for anything. And finally, I learnt that true test of friendship comes during the planning process. I learnt that your true friends will be ready to be your pillars in any way they can. We thank God for giving us the gift of true friends.

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