Kenya To Set Electric Car Charging Stations On New & Current Buildings


The Government’s Plans To Introduce Electric Mobility In K enya Has Been Known For A While And The Latest Report Seems To Take The Initiative A Step Further.

This is part of the ministry’s desire to have a faster adoption of less polluting vehicles as the technology picks up with time.

In the strategy to boost the uptake of electric vehicles, the government now has plans to increase the number of electric vehicle imports to 5% of total imports. This would see the number of imported electric vehicles increase to about 16,000 per year.

Additionally, this will involve incentives to lower import duty for Electric Car, bicycles and tuk-tuks and lower vehicle road taxes. It will also involve revision of the “building code to incorporate charging stations in public buildings and new estate”.

Top ministry official Isaac Kiva also revealed that the State is also in talks with other energy sector players to put up charging stations for electric vehicles.

“We are already talking to Kenya Power to see if we can facilitate the establishment of charging stations and what that is going to look like,” he said.

 “This strategy is to guide the country towards achieving its established energy efficiency goals, which include reducing the national energy intensity by 2.8 per cent per year and enabling the country to achieve a 30 per cent emission reduction by 2030,” read the statement published by the Ministry of Energy.This comes shortly after KenGen had revealed its plans to set up charging stations for electric vehicles.

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