Matatu owners accuse county officers of harassment


Gusii matatu owners have accused Nyamira county officers of harassment.

The matatu owners led by Gusii Matatu Owners Association chairman George Nyariki on Thursday while speaking at Nyaronde area in Nyamira county slammed the county askaris for having bribery thirsty. 

“We are calling on Nyamira county askaris to stop harassing drivers along Keroka-Sotik road blocking the drivers at every roadblock every time they see drivers. Drivers are men and women with families to feed and not feeding the county askaris on our roads,” Nyariki said. 

He challenged Nyamira county government under the leadership of Governor John Nyagarama to ensure county askaris working at the roadblocks collecting revenue are persons of integrity. 

Nyariki threatened to mobilize drivers to boycott work and hold peaceful demos if the county fails to intervene. 

“Matatu owners have loans to repay, pay drivers as well as pay revenue to the county. We can not continue being harassed by county askaris at every roadblock,” he added. 

Nyamira county commissioner Amos Mariba reached for comment said the harassment claims are yet to reach his office. 

“I have received the complaints from the matatu owners. I will address the complaints once they reach my office,” Mariba noted. 


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