Matatu owners mount crackdown to catch rogue drivers


Sacco officials on Wednesday mounted self-regulation inspection checkpoints along Kisumu Nairobi Highway.

PSV drivers and touts found spurning traffic rules were subjected to disciplinary actions through their own saccos which include suspension of their licenses.

Passengers who were caught traveling in excess were left stranded on the road after they were commanded out of the vehicles by inspection teams.

The operation came after Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai said there would be scaling down the number of traffic police officers and police checkpoints on major roads.

Following rules

Officials said that motorists should not take advantage of the inadequacy of traffic officers on the road to flout rules and risk the lives of passengers.

Motorists and PSV drivers welcomed the directive adding that it will help eradicate bribery in the PSVs industry.

They said that self-regulation was necessary and the step taken by Sacco officials is laudable.

Officials from Kisumu PSVs owners association said that inspection will be carried out in all the major roads heading to Kisumu city.

Excess Passengers

They also pointed out that excess passengers were their main concern and the operation will ensure that they stop such behaviour.

A total of 1,682 people have lost their lives on the road compared to 1,500 who died by July 1, 2019. 

This is according to the latest survey by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

The Authority also noted that pedestrians still lead in the number of fatalities on Kenyan roads.


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