Meet police officer who controls traffic with fancy dance moves


An Indian traffic police officer has found the perfect way to have motorists obey traffic rules.

Ranjeet Singh makes every motorist stop at intersections when required to do so with a bonus of witnessing a free dance performance.

Motorists no longer ignore stopping orders from traffic police as Ranjeet will keep them entertained as they wait for their turn to drive on.

Speaking to Aljazeera, Ranjeet detailed how he began moonwalking as a way of making his work more interesting then noticed that motorists were getting interested.

“Previously people didn’t stop even for red light. Now some even don’t drive through a green light, they stay to see me dance and work,” said Ranjeet.

The 38 year old started dancing at work 12 years ago and his tactics have earned him praise and criticism in equal measure.

Some colleagues have however accused him of not taking the traffic police work seriously while others have lauded his approach to enforcing traffic rules and committed to being taught moonwalking and dance by him.


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