Nelson Havi’s plea after activist blocks state officer flouting traffic laws


City lawyer Nelson Hav now wants the media to completely take over the Monday morning incident pitting police officers and activist-cum-politician Boniface Mwangi.

In videos doing rounds on social media, Mwangi is seen refusing to give way to government vehicles being driven on the wrong side of the road along Nairobi’s Langata Road.

Havi now wants the media to help identify the state officer who was travelling in the vehicles.

In a tweet Monday morning, he said that it should not be hard identifying the person who was being driven in three vehicles, one of which had the sirens on.

“The media has quickly picked and highlighted the morning incidence of Boniface Mwangi enforcing traffic law on Langata Road. Could they also identify the State Officer behind the transgression. (sic) It shouldn’t be a difficult exercise, noting the known conspicuous two Subarus and V8,” reads the tweet.

In the short video taken by the former Starehe parliamentary hopeful, he is heard bashing the officers for breaking traffic laws and telling them to obey the law.

“Why are these people on the wrong side? Why are you on the wrong side? Why are you driving on the wrong side? Obey the law, I am not moving, shame on you,” he heard telling the officers.

This finally forces them to drive around his vehicle and off to their destination.


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