NTSA ‘will not recede’ speed governor order


National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) director general Francis Meja says the authority will not recede its directive for all Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) to upgrade their speed governors so they can relay real-time speed information.

He said the authority is keen to ensure the sector players acquire the modern tamper-proof gadgets warning that those who fail to comply will be removed from the road.

The upgraded speed governors can transmit data on the speed at which the vehicle is moving, the location, the driver and the sacco it belongs to.

“We are not going back, these changes are meant to end the road carnage. The set deadline is not going to be changed,” said Meja. All vehicles weighing above 3,048 tonnes are required to be fitted with a speed governor.

Speaking during a meeting with PSV transporters and police in Mombasa, Meja said speed limiters currently fitted in vehicles are prone to manipulation and thus the need to upgrade to the latest device standard KS 2295:2018.

 “Manipulation of the current speed gadgets has made it difficult for us to monitor speeding vehicles which have led to numerous deaths but with the new device, we will be able to monitor vehicles in real time and take action against those speeding,” he said.

 The official said the new speed limiter technology would be linked to drivers’ smart licenses that were recently introduced by the government. He warned that drivers found to have tampered with the speed governor will be stripped off their licence.

 Meja said speed governors, especially those fitted in matatus, have now been rendered useless since drivers have installed switches, which they turn on whenever the police are around and off when they drive off.

 “The revised speed limiter standard requires that every supplier must meet laboratory tests and installation specifications,” he said. 

He said anyone who intends to supply the new gadgets should be authorised by Kenya Bureau of Standards and NTSA.

“We will be able to curb accidents caused by speeding because through the new device, we are able to see speeding vehicles and take action before an accident happens,” said Meja.

SOURCE: mediamaxnetwork.co.ke

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