Police: Be on the lookout for fake number plates when buying cars


Last week, on two occasions, Anthony Macharia Waweru noticed that some people who looked like police officers had been following him as he drove around Nakuru town, going about his business.

He felt insecure but says he did not know what to do.

It was not until he received a phone call from an officer, asking him to present himself at the Flying Squad offices in Nairobi that he got to know that the car he bought in 2016 had a duplicate number plate.

“I got more scared when I received the call. I was told they needed to verify which of the number plates was genuine. I was too frightened to even drive my car after that because I did not know what to expect,” Mr Waweru said.


At the Flying Squad offices yard, he was shown a Toyota Harrier with the same number plate as his Nissan Dualis.

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