Road traffic accidents in Ethiopia claim over 4,100 lives


During the Ethiopian calendar year ended July 7, 2020, a total of 4,133 people have lost their lives by road traffic accidents.

This is stated by Firehiwot Mitiku, Director Public Service Transport Enterprise who this week presented awards to best 193 bus drivers. In addition to those who lost their lives, 4,133 people have sustained serious injuries. She further indicated that additional 5,247 people have also sustained slight injuries during the year ended.

Road traffic accident in Ethiopia has been one of the major causes of death. With about 1.2 million vehicles and some 110 million population, Ethiopia has one of the largest accident to vehicles ration in the world.

With over two million vehicles and about 40 million population, neighboring Kenya lost 3,572 lives, with 6,938 serious injuries and 5,186 slight injuries in 2019. Most of the road traffic accidents in Ethiopia are reportedly caused by fault of drivers and over speeding. .


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