Security flaw in Prados leaves car owners vulnerable to theft


A factory flaw in the design of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has left owners vulnerable to theft of the vehicle’s spare tyre.

Because of the flaw, thieves can circumvent the security of the car by hitting the back boot with a thin metal rod at a precise point, giving them access to the spare wheel and lowering to the ground.

Motorists driving Toyotas in Kenya are already more susceptible to instances of theft. 

However, a Kenyan automobile solutions company, Defprad Investments is offering Kenyans a solution to the factory flaw.

The company has launched a range of tamper proof spare lock systems designed for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado owners under the Defender Locks.

According to the Association of Kenya Insurers, 71 per cent of stolen cars in Kenya belong to the Japanese automotive manufacturer.

Approximately one in five Prado owners in Nairobi have reported damage of their vehicles in robbery attempts of their spare wheels.

“Buying a new tyre can be a daunting and costly experience. With more brands, body styles and engine options available today than ever before, it can be hard to detect the issues that will give you a challenge further down the road. Our focus is on providing security products to address the often hard-to-detect technical issues that plague car owners, especially Toyota Land Cruiser Prado owners,” said Emmanuel Okeyo, Managing Director of Defprad Investments.

The demand for defender locks has steadily increased over the past year as incidences of stolen spare tyres have been on the rise.


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