Sonko Compares Muthurwa to Dubai & Leaves Kenyans Up in Arms [VIDEO]


Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, on Sunday, got Kenyans talking after he compared Kenya to Dubai infrastructure.

The Governor who had visited Dubai, kept residents up to date with the places he toured while on his trip.

In a video seen by, the governor compared the Dubai bus-park with Nairobi’s Muthurwa.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko driving in Dubai

“This is the bus-park, is the Muthurwa bypass of Kenya, but in Kenya when we ask people to decongest the city, they do not want to hear of it,” he stated.

Netizens who were not impressed by the governor’s comparison of the two countries took to social media bashing Sonko.

The governor had captioned the video asking, “will Kenya ever get to this point?” here are some of the responses he got.

Antony Gachie posted that,”In your former capacity as a Member of Parliament, Senator and now Governor, what did you do to make Nairobi and Kenya at par with Dubai? Let’s learn to be sincere with ourselves, life gives us what we offer it.”

Another social media user named Moreen Kere When Kenyans elect development conscious intellects. Be the change you want to see though

Gikunju John When Kenyans elect development conscious intellects. Be the change you want to see though

Dubai is run by very informed and quite educated city planners,” a netizen, Gabriel Muthumainformed Sonko.

Kev GIthua asked Sonko to “Tell Uhuru to invest in big road projects to open up Growth,” so as to get Kenya to Dubai’s level.

Another social media user named Shish Daniels demanded that, “Are u asking us whereas we’ve given u the mantle to transform our biggest city?”

“Let’s start with where we are right now! If drivers would be disciplined, obey traffics rules then roads are properly mapped, then will have gone a step forward.”

“Pedestrians are having trouble crossing the road. These drivers ignore zebra crossings and even traffic lights. Our children are suffering,” lamented Jane Nije, a netizen.


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