Suzuki by Toyota Kenya: Setting the Pace


Acquiring your first car is a huge moment, and making that choice is critical, if you want to make a difference and stand out.

Toyota and Suzuki join hands this year to make the car choice a no brainer, held up in the light of your desires and needs.

The new models have been built in the mind of young, upwardly mobile, pursuing passion in life and are image conscious in this fast-paced world.

Suzuki by Toyota Kenya has done a complete makeover to three of its brands to match what young, fast and furious drivers have been begging auto companies to make.

The new facelift of the three versions is inspiring and comes with renewed appeal. 


Simply put, the facelift comes loaded with new modern exciting features, new technology, and extra space and gives you that SUV feel.

Suzuki by Toyota Kenya has become more practical with the automotive tastes of drivers who are seeking to make a statement with cars that reflect personalities, accomplishment and aspirations.

Whether you are looking for an admirable little car or have a taste for bigger vehicle, the new models will tickle your buds and dazzle your eyeballs.

For young drivers with the love for a small, sporty drive, the Suzuki Swift 1200CC is your best fit. It comes with the HEARTECT new generation platform that uses Ultra-high and high tensile steel in its construction.

This technology helps to tame structural rigidity of the vehicle.

The Swift thus features a high rigidity frame, which contributes to crash safety.

The frame’s continuous and smoothly curving shape with fewer joints effectively disperses impact energy in case of a collision.

It lets you drive in the fast lane, while protecting you.


The 1.2 DUALJET engine features dual injectors for each cylinder, which results in greatly increased thermal efficiency.

Most automotive manufacturers are still struggling to figure out what young drivers and millennials want in their dream cars.

The fact that they are tech-savvy and have fallen in much love with cab hailing apps for transportation, does not mean they would not love to cruise with them everywhere.

Suzuki by Toyota Kenya has studied and understood what the connected generation would like incorporated in their ride.

For the party animal and outgoing drivers, Suzuki has introduced the Ciaz 1500CC.

A 4-door sedan that features a refined K14B engine, aerodynamic and lightweight body for an ideal blend of dynamism and efficiency to deliver driving pleasure.

To bring a lot more to the table, the Ciaz comes with a hatchback for a more luxurious cruise.

The CAE technologies and effective use of high-tensile steel make the body light, yet stronger.

Metal finishing gives it a stunning presence and adds to the appeal especially at night.


Interior is fresh looking and airy.

It comes with intelligent TFT that shows how fast you drive and checks idle time and fuel consumption.

Your road trips will never be the same again, it comes with a full entertainment system that lets you control volume, media and manages phone calls using buttons on the steering wheel.

Young drivers want a complete life without hassles, whether having a good life in the city or taking an adventure on rocks and the thicket.

To match this lifestyle, Suzuki by Toyota has re-designed the Jimny 1500CC to handle the everyday lifestyle of drivers to adapt all phases of their lives.

The model loved by customers around the world since the birth of its first model in 1970, carries on the heritage of a small, lightweight authentic off-roader and is a masterpiece of Suzuki 4WD technology.

The interior is rugged practical, tactile and has a tonne of space.

Everything is big, chunky and tough. It’s awesome on-road and off-road. Everything feels solid and well thought out car.

LCD gives lane departure warning and speed limit as well.

It is equipped with a 1.5 litre engine, a robust ladder frame, 3-link rigid axle suspensions with coil springs and 4WD with a low-range transfer gear. This is the new generation go to off-roader.


For those who love to drive luxury and style away from urban centres, The Vitara 1600CC gives you the perfect choice.

Vitara has been transformed from a small car with big SUV ambition.

It’s now a very different car to the original Vitara, which was both smaller and more rugged.

Combining a monocular camera, which excels at mid-to-long distance detection and recognition of such traffic elements as pedestrians and lane markers, and a laser sensor, which excels at short-distance and night-time detection, can achieve superb safety.

It is designed to take over the place of small, stylish SUVs.

The makeover comes at a cost, but definitely not your arm and leg. All your interests are covered.

These Suzuki models, Alto 800CC, Swift 1200CC, Ciaz 1500CC, Jimny 1500CC and the Vitara 1600CC are on offer under a partnership with Toyota Kenya, dubbed Suzuki by Toyota Kenya at between Ksh800,000 and Ksh3.8 million.

Yearning to have the cars immediately but low on cash? You can get your dream car on the road faster with Asset financing.

Under another partnership, Toyota Kenya and their financing partner are assisting consumers in acquiring the vehicles and financing of up to 90 percent of the cost of the vehicle.

It is a chance of the lifetime to make your automotive dream come true.


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