Thika road nightmare: Why you will be stuck in traffic for hours


Motorists using Thika superhighway will from tomorrow experience massive traffic snarl up due to an on-going overpass construction near Allsopps.

According to the urban roads authority, two lanes along the busy highway shall remain closed in order to pave way for the overpass construction.

The overpass is expected to ease traffic at the Allsopps junction that connects the busy highway and Outer Ring Road.

Only two lanes of the main highway will be used during the construction period.

Early this week motorists were caught up in traffic that stretched back past Roysambu Roundabout.

“Been on the road since 6: 00am…Huge traffic jam on Thika Road caused by ongoing construction at Allsopps,” read one Davis Musyoka.

Closure of road leading to GSU headquarters from Outer Ring road

Three months ago, Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) closed the overpass at General Service Unit (GSU) headquarters to allow for construction works which will improve the junction between Thika Super Highway and Outer Ring Road.

“The public is notified that the contractor shall close the overpass at GSU headquarters until further notice,” read a statement from KURA.

The statement further went on to explain how motorists going to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport from the CBD through Outer Ring Road will have to proceed using the left side service road of Thika Super Highway up to the Garden City Overpass, turn right and drive back to access Outer Ring Road.

The 13 kilometre Outer Ring Road is said to have been constructed at a cost of Sh14 billion and completed in June 2017.


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