Tout accused of killing car driver


Lack of postmortem results has compelled Kiambu senior resident magistrate to detain a murder suspect for five days at Kasarani police station.

While seeking orders on his application on Friday, Sergeant Charles Musyimi made an application to be granted seven days so that he could complete his investigations into a murder incident in which a man succumbed to injuries following a brawl.

The investigating officer was granted five days instead of seven to present the postmortem results.

Musyimi told the court that on December 24, 2017, a homicide report was filed at Kasarani police station in which Daniel Njeri fought the deceased Joseph Ngethe.

According to the investigating officer, a conflict between the two arose after a matatu in which Njeri was a conductor was involved in a minor accident with the car of Ngethe at Zimmerman estate.

The two engaged in a confrontation that led to the death of Ngethe. Njeri was arrested on August 7 this year on charges of murder and Sergeant Musyimi said he wanted the suspect should be remanded so as not to interfere with the investigations.

He further told the court that he was still waiting for the postmortem results and that the DPP had taken an interest in the case.

When the magistrate sought the opinion of the suspect, Njeri maintained his innocence, saying he was not present during the argument. He said the issue was between the deceased and the driver of the matatu.

 The case will be mentioned on August 27.


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