U-Turn? Traffic police to accept digital driving license


•Responding to social media questions on Monday, IG Hillary Mutyambai said that a motorist can show a police officer a DL soft copy as proof of being a licensed driver.

•But after producing a soft copy, a motorist will have to show a hard copy of the DL within 24 hours.

Motorists risk being fined Sh1,000 if they fail to prove that they have a driving license.

During a Q and A session on Monday, IG Hillary Mutyambai said a motorist can show a digital DL as proof of being a licensed driver.

But after producing a soft copy, a motorist will have to show a hard copy within 24 hours.

“If you do not have the hard copy, you may show the officers the soft copy . Failure to do this attracts a fine of Sh1,000,” Mutyambai said.

This was after a user sought to know what happens to motorists when he/she forgets a DL.

But this is quite different from what the police department said last year.

In 2019, police said motorists risk a fine not exceeding Sh10,000 if they don’t present their physical DL upon request.

“Any person driving a motor vehicle on a road shall carry his driving license or provisional license, and, on being so required by a police officer, produce it for examination,” read the tweet.

According to section 105 of the traffic act, it is lawful for police officers to enter into one’s vehicle and drive the car if they suspect an offense has been committed.

Failure to comply would attract a fine of not more than Sh30,000 on a first offence or Sh50,000 on a second offence, to an imprisonment term of one year.

Mutyambai further asked Kenyans to avoid boarding matatus which are not following the Ministry of Health protocols on Covid-19.

“We urge the public not to board vehicles that do not adhere to social distancing protocols,” he said.

The IG said that the police officers will take action against those who violate the set guidelines.

This comes as police officers across the country continue to crackdown bars, restaurants, PSVs as well as individuals who are not following the MoH protocols.

SOURCE: https://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2020-11-16-u-turn-traffic-police-to-accept-digital-driving-license/?cf_chl_captcha_tk=44d7dac3b35b1febc133cfd7587a998d291e8827-1605690748-0-AbNJ9jrLLgIReXvfszcQRe6x1usBQiNemQA-ZwvKi-6o7wHRHTal0HXIj8paEtYA9rYzHsBuX92ob-HxfN_sGhH3yfEGYaOdnzZFE6K7kVx6Suj-bWtqnDhwmJMPBp8nFes7849uEdO_-ouZtSmEYsQmKYP1uCQwkzCjNun5YEBLyTYQA4XvwJ4WWyeYvtVCfDprLVxpJgobXNg8qcNaYpsNc16hDckHQuvbOj-6CPrfHWXB1C44PcVOzj2mjYvv_6R8fzRq6nIM45b1L8wk6vdMwCwrn3M3Yz9f8K3LPgRyKzdCPAsZxaISD4WcvNfkTfql2dJ24Kxpr0vCBD_f2c905eS4veI5E7Tfm4YVfTi0a-lhZvCBORyalY6gpkJpotRTWsQLf3EnAq_yX-Syp4xfdGkma_jVqjFDiI41vxFdHd3FieLhhjrF3uMBnGon_EqhEMScOtrKgXnj1Wz4gYwepp4U0UMtT-vyMzQuTl7i8nNRtB6jRGugAED2Yp24c_n5BPgAI8cUNT37UlwhvB8cvOIka5WepbUUDBwcDhmWwB57ro1gcfjAe0d5tANQvtNBrfQCLECK_3WhXk0WOZDW84Z-ltWItMjD_J8FiNt1VWIr5_dWb_T8bc7aRe3_HA

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