Matatu Operators Come Up With Creative Way To Beat Covid-19


Matatu operators have come up with a creative way of observing Covid19 protocols in Matatus while at the same time making good money.

What the operators have apparently done is introduce an extra seat the extra space that used to exist in matatus while at the same time removing the extra seat that is not occupied upon introduction of Covid-19 protocols.

Jonathan Mwanzia a matatu operator with the UmoInner matatus says that this new creativity has helped matatus that used to carry 17 passengers after introduction of CoVID 19  protocols are now carrying 24 passengers.

Mwanzia says that this has enabled them make more money while at the same time making more money.

“This move has helped us a lot, because when a matatu has 17 seats, it gives Ksh. 4,000 at the end of the day but when it has 24 seats, it brings in Ksh. 6,000 and the spacing is very okay because the passengers sit well,” said Mwanzia.

“Whe the pandemic is over, we shall just take them back to how they were and everything will be okay,” he stated.

Matatu industry is one of the many industries that have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

This is after the government introduced new protocols to ensure social distancing in matatus.

Last week the operators demanded that the government remove the restrictions since many other businesses had returned to normal.


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