VIDEO: NTSA hunt for Matatu driver caught on camera attacking passenger with metal rod


The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is looking for a matatu driver caught on camera attacking a passenger with a metal rod in a video that has been doing rounds on social media

The video which some netizens are terming as unpleasant to the human eyes shows the two (driver and passenger) arguing before they get physical prompting the driver to get his weapon – a metal rod which he uses to clobber his opponent.

Kenyans have angrily reacted to the video with some accusing the driver of being arrogant and inhuman.

The incident which took place in Nairobi’s Ruaka area has drawn the attention of NTSA officials who now want the driver and conductor of the Matatu registered KAK 251C to turn themselves in.

“Our attention has been brought on the video which was circulated on social media sites yesterday of a driver attacking a passenger, the action taken by the driver is unacceptable, we are pursuing the matter and update on the action taken #SpeakOut on rogue behaviours on our roads,” NTSA posted on its social media handles.


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