Yummy Mummy angers online community with drunk driving confession


Vlogger Joan Munyi, popularly known as Yummy Mummy, has been slammed by the online community for making a shocking confession on her YouTube channel that she recently drove home from a party while under the influence of alcohol.

The video begins with her sharing he daily routine hacks of being a mother and taking care of her family.

She takes her daughter to hospital to get an injection, then goes out shopping for back to school items for her son.

Her day then ends with her going out for some drinks with friends where they are seen having a good time and toasting to the night.

The scene then changes to her sitting in her car and telling her viewers how she ended up driving home even after taking a few drinks.


And that is not all she then says that she even passed an alcoblow test.

“So on my way home I am drunk but I am not like drunk kabisa I am like in-between kind of drunk. Literally like a hundred meters from my gate there was alcoblow, and I knew today is the day and sure enough I was stopped,” she narrates.

“And not just stopped by a man cop but by a lady cop and the second I saw she was a woman I knew for sure they were going to ask me to get out of my car. She stopped me and she was like ‘madam nipatie license.’ I did not have my license, she asked for my ID I showed it to her. And then she told me I have to blow the alcoblow thing. We then had a back and forth but eventually I got out of the car and went across the road and get the alcoblow done,” she further narrated.

She said that despite her worst fears, the test reveled that she wasn’t above the alcohol limit.

SOURCE: nairobinews.nation.co.ke

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