Citroen DS3 Ecurie


The tuners from Turin debuted their take on the hatchback during the Monza Rally Show. The racing-style hatchback contains Sparco blue racing seats on the interior. The back seats were chopped and the extra space is meant for helmets, fire extinguisher and whatever else a racing enthusiast may need. Performance was enhanced a bit, as the tuners performed some unspecified touches to the Ecurie to give its 1.6-liter turbocharged engine an output of 220hp, up from the stock’s 202hp. Decked out in white livery with a blue roof and a black diffuser, the Ecurie certainly showcases the bold aesthetic look the Italian’s sought to create. The red, white and blue touches around the lowered chassis also combined to give the French 2-door car a sportier look. The package sits on a set of OZ Racing Gran Turismo 18-inch aluminum wheels.

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