Drive safely at night.


Here are guidelines on night driving.

> Avoid turning on the high beam if there are vehicles coming from the opposite direction as this would blind oncoming traffic.

> In foggy conditions, drivers are advised to use the low beam and if their cars are equipped with fog lamps, they should only be used in foggy or bad weather.

>Allow the other drivers to easily see you and your car. If your car breaks down, try to move it to the road shoulder and switch on the emergency lights.

> Do not speed at night so that you have ample time to take evasive action if danger looms in front.

> Ensure rear view and side mirrors as well as windscreen and headlamps are clean to maximise visibility.

> Drive the car at a fair distance from the vehicle in front, which should be four to five seconds apart.

> Drive only when you are well rested. Take short breaks on a long journey.

> Ensure your eyesight is good so that you can drive safely at night.

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