How to save fuel with your used car


The first step to saving is already done, thanks to your decision to buy a used car. Your money-saving habit has just begun, and you can keep up the good work by saving on fuel costs. The already-efficient engine can help you along!

  1. To conserve fuel, limit the use of air conditioning. Use it in moderation and if it’s cool enough outside, choose to let fresh air flow inside the car. You can also improve AC efficiency by setting the system to Recirculate.
  2. Check tire air pressure regularly. Studies show that low pressure increases fuel consumption!
  3. Idling your used car for 5 minutes wastes up to 65ml of gas and emits 151g of harmful carbon dioxide too, so be smart and stop that engine.
  4. Accelerate and decelerate smoothly by stepping softly on the gas pedal. Shift your gears at the appropriate time and make the most out of coasting—slow the car down by stepping off the gas pedal instead of just braking. A smooth and proper driving style helps to conserve fuel and reduce wear and tear on brakes as well.
  5. Maintain a constant pace, using the highest possible gear. This is the most efficient setup, because at a constant speed of 50 km/h in the city, a vehicle online needs about 5% engine power to maintain momentum. Fuel consumption is improved by 10-30%.
  6. To reduce fuel consumption and improve handling, decrease the weight of the car by taking out unnecessary items. Driving 100km after having unloaded 10kg can save up to 30ml of gasoline. Remove excess weight such as unused roof racks. The amount of work the car engine does is related to the car’s weight and its aerodynamics.
  7. Driving around in the hopes you’ll find you way back consumes 350ml of fuel every ten minutes. Avoid getting lost by planning your trip in advance. What is the fastest, most efficient driving route? Planning can also help you avoid traffic jams, closed-off streets, and road works. You might even realize you won’t need to use the car after all!

You see, it’s not so difficult to save on fuel. Just drive your used car properly and you’ll be on your way to not only conserving gas, but saving the earth as well!

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