Mercedes-Benz G-Class


The classic all-terrain wagon has stood the test of time and remains a popular 4×4 with tuners. The G-Class aka G-Wagen aka Gelandewagen has persevered since 1979, making it not only one of the most accomplished off-roaders around but one of the most established. Yet for all the good work that’s gone into keeping the mechanics and equipment features up-to-date, the G-Class has been lacking somewhat on the inside. Bulgarian design house tuner has thus stepped in to give the classic 4×4 a much-needed face-lift, by completing revamping the interior. Leather and Alcantara have been applied everywhere, from the seats to the driver’s mirror, a fresh set of alloys have been fitted, while LED daytime running lights and a new Ground Zero sound system complete the modernization of this timeless classic.

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