Subaru Issues Stop Sell Order for 2012 Impreza Due to Braking Issue


Apparently the holiday season isn’t starting off so well for Subaru of North America. According to an official company memo sent to dealers on November 25th, the Japanese automaker has issued a Stop Sale order “effective immediately for 2012 Imprezas as well as certain 2012 Legacy and Outback units.” This announcement does not involve the WRX and the STI.  So what’s exactly going on here? It appears that Subaru of America has “received a limited number of reports of intermittent excessive brake pedal travel in 2012 Impreza models built through November 15 as well as 2012 Legacy and Outback models built between October 27 and November 23,” adding that “drivers have reported their concerns about greater than normal brake pedal travel.” In simple English: there’s a possible braking issue that Subaru is moving quickly to fix. All affected vehicles, according to the memo, will require the replacement of the brake master cylinder. As of now, U.S. dealers cannot sell, deliver, or report as sold these units until the recall procedure is completed. Thing is, no procedure exists yet and dealers are waiting for instructions. Subaru is now prioritizing affected cars that have already been sold to customers. However, the automaker will not issue an official recall until the required replacement parts and repair procedures have been sent to dealers. To Subaru’s credit, they identified the problem quickly and are moving fast to get the necessary repair parts to their dealer network. In the meantime, however, there are some Subaru owners that don’t yet know about this potentially serious issue. So the question now is when will Subaru go public with this extremely important recall? And if you’re looking to buy a new 2012 Impreza right now, then you’ll have to delay your purchase. In fact, you can’t even take one for a test drive, as dealerships have taken them off showroom floors until they’ve been repaired. What a way for Subaru to begin the holidays (not to mention the launch of one of their most popular models).

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