Amazing Trick on Importing any Brand of Car at a Lesser Cost than Buying Locally.


Did you know importing any brand of Subaru, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda etc directly from Japan costs less than buying the vehicles in Kenya?

If you log in at a site like you will be shocked to find out the prices of the cars being sold there; for instance a Probox with 17400 mileage costs only 120,000 Kenyan shillings.

What scares most people is importing these vehicles from Japan- this is where Co-Operative bank’s Marine Insurance comes in handy.

Co-op bank Marine Insurance doesn’t only cover the cost of goods when damaged during the shipping process, it also offer you other services like financing, money transfer solutions, and many more services to people importing and exporting goods all over the world.

Marine Insurance is not only limited to those importing or exporting cars, whether you want to import or export big cargos like a bus/truck or personal items like furniture, small retailers like mtumba clothes e.t.c. Marine Insurance has you covered.

The key important things about Co-op bank Marine Insurance are:

1.As a customer, you will get to run your business with more confidence since the Co-op Marine Insurance covers all risks for you when you are importing or exporting your cargo.

2.With Co-op bank’s Marine Insurance you can run your business uninterrupted since it also offers you other services like financing, money transfer solutions, and many more services to business people to make running of their business easy.

3.Applying for Marine Insurance cover is such an easy process that can be done in a matter of minutes at any Co-op bank branch countrywide.

Settlement in the event of a claim is a very efficient process.

Now why don’t you import that car from Japan and see how Co-op bank Marine Insurance helps you get it to Kenya in once piece.  

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