Ferrari’s Mind Reading Technology


Sooner than you think Ferrari may be able to interprate your thoughts, which is kind of scary. The company is working on a revolutionary technology that will be able to read a driver’s mental and physical state and adjust the car’s stability and traction control to coincide with them.

Here’s how it works: “The biometric sensors may comprise a piezoelectric measuring device for measuring the driver’s respiration, a device for measuring the driver’s blood pressure and heart rate, a television camera for monitoring the driver’s eyes (blink rate) to determine the driver’s alertness, a device for monitoring the electric activity of the driver’s brain, a device for recording the driver’s surface temperature and a device for recording the conductivity of the driver’s skin (to determine the degree of perspiration).”

Ferrari believes this technology is necessary because “Drivers tend to miscalculate — in particular, overestimate — their driving skill and, more importantly, their psychophysical condition, with the result that driver-selected dynamic vehicle performance simply reflects the driver’s wish, as opposed to the driver’s actual psychophysical condition and proficiency.”

Basically, they are telling us that we are all too stupid to realize that just because we want the car to do something, doesn’t mean it will actually do it. The bad part is that, with some people, they are probably right. What would be cool is if this technology could kick out the drivers that text while driving, or better yet, the ones that drive under the influence. That would be a lifesaver.

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