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Japanese vehicles industry is one of the biggest industries in the world because of their high quality, performance and reliability,Japanese new & used vehicles are in great demand all over the world. Even Japanese used vehicle are very popular in the World. More than 50,000 used cars are exported every month from Japan to many countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, etc.

Introduction of online services by used car exporters and auction halls in Kenya Car Bazaar Ltd. has made it much simpler, faster and cost effective. But the risk of frauds is the biggest fear while dealing through the internet. Sometime fraud dealers have attractive websites, very good stock on very low prices display on their website. The offer attractive discounts or very low price to trap importers or individual buyers.

Buyers place order in haste, send money and get no response. Then they try to find the website, address and the company and none of them exists. Please be cautious and do some finding before no need to   ‘crying on spilt milk’.

Generally Japanese used cars exporters are honest and have good ethics in business even for used vehicles export and that’s why a large number of used cars exporting from Japan every month. Some exporters are still doing business for last 30 years and more. But buyers must be alert, be watchful and do some research about the dealer or exporters in Japan before sending any money. Hey no need to panic, it’s not that hard. All information can be collected from your home or office desk.

Let’s start preparing to avoid frauds while buying a Used Car from Japan:
Log on to used car portal sites: Collect information about used car exporters with all details about their company, establishment, address, email, telephone and others.

Verify their information: check the address on Google search, call on the landline phone numbers and inquire, ask for police verification certificate and registration. All the information and establishment year of the company helps you judge the goodwill of the exporter.

Choose the most reliable exporter: This is the most important step to avoid fraud as well establish exporter work for goodwill and give you best service.

Contact the exporter: and inquire about the purchase process and payment terms. Take a print out or save it. Carefully go through again. Clarify all doubts.  If terms are clear that is a sign that they are well experienced and honest.

Select a car and check details: Pictures from all angles, or inspection sheets. These certificates assures you what you will get, through inspection of all used cars both interior and exterior along with verifying the chassis number of the cars  is done. Then the cars are stamped.

Place order for one unit in your first deal. If deal is as you expected go ahead for more.

One more thing to remember not to be carried away by really low price offers that could be trap from the frauds. Do not order for unrealistic low price car unless until you are not sure about the exporter.

Take ample time to check and make decision always and compare offer from different exporters.

Ask reference of buyer or importer in your country who already import car from the exporter and you can do cross verify form buyer/importer about dealing of exporter.

Now you have done the enough work to safeguard yourself from fraud used car dealers.  Free to process purchase of your loved used car from Kenya Car Bazaar Ltd.

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  1. If you plan to buy a car, machinery, or anything from an exporter in Japan now or in future, it is strongly recommend for your own safety to check any Japanese website or company’s status under the “Japan Company Trust Organization” which is an anti-fraud organization in Japan. This Organization has close connection with Japanese police, and all fraud-attempts are immediately reported to Japanese Police Department. JCTO (Japan Company Trust Organization) make sure that any Japanese company that passes their scrutiny will not victimize any customer, online or not. They verify the company’s profile including registration, license, physical address confirmation, and company’s previous record. DO NOT remittance money to any so-called Japanese company before verification at “Japan Company Trust Organization - (


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