Government to introduce alcoblow on all roads during day time



The government is considering introducing alcoblow gadgets on Kenya’s roads during daytime to net drivers who drink and drive during the day. National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) chairman Lee Kinyanjui, while addressing matatu sector stakeholders in Nakuru, said it had emerged that even during the day some PSV drivers operate under the influence of alcohol. “Reducing road carnages is the responsibility of us all. As an authority, we will not sit back and watch Sacco officials and vehicle owners operate with unscrupulous drivers who end putting lives of Kenyans at risk,” said Kinyanjui.

Several drivers have landed in the hands of the traffic police with the introduction alcoblow test kit on Kenyan roads and exit routes from drinking places during night hours. The government afterwards reported a drastic fall in cases of reckless driving. However, Kinyanjui said it is not enough as compared to the ‘clever’ tactics used by Kenyans, who have resorted to drinking and driving during daytime.

“We will see the possibility of introducing the gadget again during daytime as drivers have now resorted to drinking and driving during daytime,” said Kinyanjui as issues arise on traffic police using the gadget once in presence of the media and shelving it.

There have been several court cases seeking to have it declared unlawful and unsanitary, plus a risk to the health of users, however, the High Court has ruled the use alcoblow on Kenyan roads will continue pending the hearing of a case contesting its legality. The government though has insisted that the device is lawful, and has even imported more to be used by traffic police.

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