Health Worries Over Use of Alcoblow


There is no denying the fact that Alcoblow, the breathalyser that has become a controversial tool for keeping drunk drivers off the roads has proved a deterrent and a money spinner for the Government.

But was the device procured the best model in the market? This question is pertinent because of concerns that despite those being tested not having to use the same mouthpiece, for health reasons, there are concerns over whether or not the gadget still poses a health risk.

This is because the version procured and currently in use requires that the test subjects make contact with the mouthpiece in order to blow into it. Apparently there is a version of the same brand that does not require actual contact between the device and the person being tested, yet is also just as accurate.

Accurate reading

The official web site for Alcoblow describes the gadget as using “a non contact breath sampling system, (that) will show a reading within 3 seconds of sampling, is ready for use again only 2 seconds after reading a zero sample, and will flag breath alcohol at any level above 0.02mg/L”.

Because it can detect alcohol levels without coming into contact with the driver, it is ideal for use at roadblocks.

It is therefore important for the Government establish whether it did carry out sufficient research and background checks before procuring the current gadgets to ensure they do not pose any health risks to those being tested.

There are also concerns that Alcoblow has become more of a money minting exercise for the Government due to the huge fines imposed on drivers found to have been over the limit.

Drivers are stopped and forced to blow into the gadgets even when they have not been drinking. A no-contact breathalyser would thus be more ideal/


Source: Standard Digital News

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