Matatus want cops posted in bus parks


MATATU operators have asked the government to provide armed police officers at various bus and matatu stages to screen the passengers.

Speaking to the Star at Kencom stage in Nairobi yesterday, operators said they fear being targets of terrorists.

They said although the government has recommended screening of every passenger, most of the conductors do not know how the screening machines work.

“This screening is not of help to the passengers because most conductors are not conversant with either how this gadget works or even how to operate it,” a driver, David Munyi said.

He said if the screening is compulsory, all passengers must be compelled to let them check their luggage physically.

During security briefing on Monday, Deputy President William Ruto said the government is reviewing all bus and matatu stages to ensure criminals do not get into the vehicles.

On Tuesday, five operators of two buses blown up on Thika Road were charged with failure to screen their passengers and released on a Sh5 million bond. A spot check by the Star yesterday revealed that not all matatu operators are screening passengers in various stages.

“We carry passengers and drop them at various points. When we drop some, we pick up others. Screening may not work,” said a conductor who declined to be named.

A passengers travelling to Kisumu who requested anonymity said screening may not make things better.

“Screening is a waste of time for the passengers and operators. If somebody wants to plant a grenade in a bus, he or she can even hurl it through the window. The government has a lot to do,” he said.

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