Motorist carrying a MINIBUS with tiny scooter


Man Carries Huge Minibus On Back Seat Of Three Wheeled Motorbike

An intrepid motorist has hit the highway to fame after being seen hauling a van with his tiny three-wheel scooter.

Footage of the unusual scene was released by Chinese traffic police last week in attempt to warn the public of the dangerous stunts that could be seen on the roads.

Traffic authorities in eastern China said they were shocked when spotting this scene on CCTV footage.

The footage was taken at 10am on March 19 near the Erdun Port intersection in Yangzhou city, Jiangsu Province.

The unidentified man is seen calmly driving alongside the pedestrian pavement while carrying a minibus strapped to the back of his tiny vehicle with strings.

The silver minivan, also known as a ‘bread vehicle’ in China due to its resemblance to a load of bread, is estimated to weight around one ton. A flat tyre at the rear indicates the driver was probably carrying it to the garage.

Man Carries Huge Minibus On Back Seat Of Three Wheeled Motorbike

While the police were astonished by how the man had managed to hoist up the van, they also stated that he has broken the overloading regulations by a serious measure.

‘It is extremely dangerous for a small tricycle as such to carry a van that size,’ said Sun Bin, supervisor at the traffic police brigade of Yangzhong, to China Central TV Station. Sun added that such behaviour could lead to an accident any second.

The driver has not been tracked down as the police were not able to see clearly the plate number of his tricycle from the footage.

Source: Daily Mail Online

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