OLX Kenya rolls out new service for car buyers, sellers to curb theft


Online advertising site OLX on Tuesday introduced a car-selling service to curb theft and speed up sale of vehicles through agents.

Users of the new service will pay Sh2,000 to be provided with an OLX agent who will place the car advert on the site, source for buyer and agree on a selling price.

Money for car purchase will be sent directly to OLX and released once the vehicle has exchanged hands, offering an additional security amid a rise in theft.

OLX has just been providing an online platform that allows for interaction of car buyers and sellers —making the sale of vehicles one of its biggest business.

“OLX champs will handle the entire selling process for both the buyer and seller coupled with a seamless safe payment method,? said OLX country manager, Mr Peter Ndiang’ui, adding that it has hired 20 sale agents to push car sales.

The site currently reaches 150,000 visitors daily.

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