A Photo Of A Police Man Kissing A Female Matatu Driver Causes A Stir Online

Police Offiicer caught making out with a female driver

A certain photo of a police officer locking lips with a matatu driver somewhere in Nairobi has raised mixed reactions among different social media users.

The photo which is making rounds on social media is not known where it came from but Kenyans on social media seem to be enjoying what they are seeing.

The two ‘sweethearts’ were caught on Camera in their uniforms as they expressed their affection towards each other. Some of the comments sarcastically urge Matatu’s owners to employ many female drivers as this will help them save money as the police officers seem to be giving them an easy time.

Anyway mapenzi haijui kuchagua…sio?

We cannot however confirm whether the two are romantically involved or even a couple but the photo below says it all.

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