10 Types Of ‘Makangas’ You Will Meet In Nairobi’s Matatus


1. ‘Makanga wa majibu’

He’s the poster-boy for ‘comebacks’. Ask him a genuine question and he’ll hit you with an annoying but cheeky answer. For example, (You: Hii gari haina watu? Him: Kwani hao wawili wenye wamekaa ndani ni ngombe?DSC_0040

2. The ‘change’ consumer

He won’t give you back your balance unless you ask for it about two or three times. Some of his kind also employ an outdated tactic where they place a guy outside to announce something like “Gari ni 80 bob tao” but once you are inside, the fare suddenly gets pregnant with 20 shillings and becomes 100.bus-naiobi-1024x576

3. Mr. Seducer

Study him closely and you’ll notice that he allows some ladies to ride on the matatu without paying fare. He does this with the intention of getting involve romantically with the womencreepy-smile-e1469863873452

4. Makanga wa uniform

It’s been over 10 years since laws were passed requiring conductors to wear maroon uniforms. It’s also been 10 years since that rule was unanimously ignored. Well. Because it wasn’t cool.Still, there are some makangas who never fail to wear uniform. Not new uniform but old, torn,worn out, uniform. It’s as if there’s a headmaster who is going to check them during parade time.


5. Lady makanga

This one is rare to find but once in a while, you’ll bump into one in Eastlando matatus. She’s a tough one. And since she’s a lady, you can’t shout at her like you would any other conductor. She also speaks fluent sheng like Shiks Kapyenga


6. ‘Deaf’ makanga

Thes type always pretend to not hear you when you say ‘shukisha’ or ‘nipatie change yangu’. You literally have to touch them physically for them to attend to your request. .say-what-face-shocked-surprised-face-1024x423

7. Brotherhood makanga

You’ll find him in the swaggy matatus that play loud music and rumble like ferraris. He usually has about five of his buddies crowded at the door while doing a lot of nothing. They just stand there like standing is what they were born to do.group-makanga-1

8. Drunk makanga

His life is one big party. You’ll always find him drunk, arguing with passengers and swinging on the door like a pendulum.drunk-and-lazy

9. The ‘gunia ya viazi’ makanga

Yea….this one packs people inside the matatu like they are potatoes in a sack. He’ll force you to share one seat with two other people. The sad thing is that even if you refuse and look for another mat, there’ll always be someone else willing to share


10. The unsettled makanga

This is the type that just can’t stay inside the matatu. Whenever the driver slows down, he’ll jump out and walk around then run after the nganya and dandia when it starts speeding again.  His aim is to put on a show but the good news is that most people don’t care.

Source : Omgvoice

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