NTSA lifts ban on licenses of two saccos

A Narok Line Sacco shuttle. The sacco is one of those whose operation licence was recently suspended.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has lifted the suspension of operation licenses belonging to saccos of two Passenger Service Vehicles, three days after they were suspended.

NTSA said Kisumu-Ahero-Mowuok Company Sacco and Sema Stage Sacco vehicles have fulfilled the conditions given on the suspension letter dated September 13, 2016, and can now resume operations in their respective routes.

“Kisumu-Ahero-Mowuok Company has fulfilled the conditions given on the suspension letter dated September 13, 2016 issued by the Authority,” NTSA said in communique on Friday.

The Authority, however, failed to lift suspension of operation licenses belonging to Daima Connection Ltd Sacco, Narok Line Services Sacco, and Mwingi Travellers, which were all suspended on the September 20, 2016 for failing to comply with speed regulations.

NTSA has since warned passenger vehicles of punitive measures if they continue flouting safety regulations.

NTSA also aims to introduce more sophisticated speed governors to be installed in passenger vehicles, to reduce road accidents.

According to NTSA officer Samuel Musambala, the speed governors will replace current speed governors, to tame cases where drivers tamper with them, and end up over-speeding.

Musambala said the new speed governors can not be tempered, therefore making drivers to strictly abide by speed limits.

He further noted that the Authority has introduced a Fleet Management System where motorists can be monitored each time they flout traffic rules.

Source : Hivi Sasa

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