Heritage Hotel CEO, Mohammed Hersi Speaks Out On The Root Cause of Traffic At Kibarani, #Mombasa


Over the past two weeks the main entry and exit point to Mombasa, Kibarani has been experiencing a major traffic nightmare causing huge delays to road users entering and leaving Mombasa City. The incident has been so bad as to cause delays for people trying to access Moi International Airport.

Mid this week Mohammed Hersi, a respected Mombasa hotelier and Heritage Hotel CEO could not hold it anymore and took to Social Media (Facebook) to speak about the underlining problem causing the Kibarani pileup. Below is a copy of his sentiments;

Cry the beloved city of Mombasa.

In the last few days the traffic gridlock at Kibarani is simply crazy .

The main cause of this mess is mainly attributed to trucks but you will ask me we have always had trucks.

Now something happened on the left side of the road as you start to ascend the Kibarani hill. Some people were allowed to reclaim land from the ocean and all three of them look like are in heavy commercial vehicle business.

Now why would any authority be it county or national choose to look the other way when such crazy move is being undertaken right under their nose.

Where is NEMA ? They never hesitate to prosecute even when you chose to alter the size of your Verandah?

Where are the overzealous county Inspectorate?

What about KPA? When private individuals are busy backfilling the ocean again right under their nose. Is this where impunity has taken us ?

Now we have close to 200+ trucks entering or leaving these new land while one looks like a yard to store coal. Now surely how on earth would NEMA choose to look the other way when such a serious pollutant is set up right next to a mass of water ?

The only entry into Mombasa island bow belongs to truckers while in serious countries trucks are never allowed anywhere near the city.

For the first time I see NO future for Mombasa. Now that the Dongo Kundu bypass to South Coast is entering ng the 2nd & 3rd phase then Mombasa and little cousin of Mtwapa will be forgotten as they fight for space to be be the dirtiest and traffic gridlocked place on Kenya Coast.

To Governor Joho you and I are close friends but I drop this right at your doorstep. You have the power , you have the authority to restore sanity . You have the energy ,I have seen your energy levels on other issues. This matter now needs your full attention and we can nolonger wish it away. I am afraid this is now sheer madness and no investor let alone a tourist be it domestic or international would waste their money on Mombasa.

To CS Macharia you need to get Kenha to do their work .

To those businessmen I leave you with this >>> Life is NOT all about money. You can still do legitimate business without violating the rights of others or damaging the environment. .You may pay your way to get all the approvals.

Do you sleep well when you see the mess you are causing?

Patients dying in traffic gridlock because the ambulance could not find a way through. What is the use to be the highest donor at your Mosque , Church or Temple when day in day out you choose to do all the wrong things. Trust me it will catch up with you. Meanwhile we shall NOT choose to look the other way , we shall ensure the authorities do the right thing.

Disclaimer: We have good serious trucking companies who operate in a professional manner. The serious ones have even bought land in Mariakani while the lazy ones who don’t see the future are busy insisting to have their trucks next to KPA head office.

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