Did You Know that A Car Wash Business Can Be This Profitable?


In a recent survey done By kenyabusinessideas.com , in Westlands, Huruma, Ruaka/Gachie and parts of Pangani whereby also the results can be taken to represent many other areas, the following were the average prices for various services available. The prices varied from place to place but these were the averages;

Vehicle                                                       Cost (Ksh)

Motor Bike                                                     80 -120

Voxy and Noah                                             150 -300

Matatu                                                           150 – 300

Other cars                                                      150 – 250

Canter                                                            600 -1,000

Lorry                                                              1,000 – 2,500

Engine only                                                    300 -800

Trucks                                                           1,500 – 2,000

Big velvet carpet                                          1500

Small velvet carpet                                      300

The above prices were being charged at the time but are subject to changes by the business owners. Please use them as a guide only.

These car wash yards serve about 100 – 300 cars in a day. Daily income ranges between Ksh13,000 and ksh20,000. Sundays are the best days for this business when many car owners have time to bring their cars for washing after church.

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Many of the car wash businesses visited paid their workers on commission based on the number of cars washed. This encourages and motivates the workers.

With a daily income of Ksh13,000 to Ksh20,000, a car wash business is clearly profitable. However, this is only possible in a good location. Such a location will be next to a busy road, clearly visible and easily accessible and not far from residential areas with many cars.

The size of the yard will also be important. It should be able to accommodate many cars at the same time so that car owners are not kept waiting for too long to have their cars washed.

Finally, if you had wanted to start a car wash business, do not hesitate, just look for a location as described above and start planning for the business.


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