Range Rover Sport stolen from UK intercepted at Mombasa Port


The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has intercepted a high-end vehicle at the port of Mombasa suspected to have been stolen from the UK.

KRA reports that a Range Rover Sport alleged to have been stolen from the United Kingdom was among goods intercepted at the port of Mombasa.

The Range Rover was in a 24-foot container which had been mis-declared as second-hand window frames, doors, folding chairs, stools and wall pictures.

Following an intelligence tipoff, the container was subjected to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)’s non-intrusive scanners, which showed that the image reflecting from the container was not consistent with what had been labelled on it.

“They were scanned through KRA’s non-intrusive scanners and the images showed inconsistency with what had been manifested,”  said KRA’s Commissioner of Customs and Border Control at the port.

A multi-agency team lead by KRA upon revisiting the container for verification confirmed it was a Range Rover Sport and not what the cargo document had indicated.

The cargo document indicated the consignor for the Range Rover is in Dubai, UAE while the consignee is in Kampala, Uganda.

The team also intercepted 144 drums of ethanol, which had been concealed in 285 boxes of spaghetti. The drums were packed in two in a 20-foot container and had been declared as 1000 bags of cement.

Since ethanol attracts and excise duty rate of Sh6 million per 20-foot container, the illegal importation would have robbed the tax man not less than Sh12 million. 

SOURCE: hivisasa.com

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