Safety Rules you Must Follow While Driving a Car


The rate of motor vehicle accidents have been on an increase in the past few years. The main reason for this is that in today’s world people remain in a hurry of reaching to their destination and in this hurry they become careless and don’t follow the basic safety rules they must follow while driving a car. Due to this they meet with accidents. To avoid such accidents here is a list of safety measures a person must take while driving the car.

Do not use cell phones when driving

Talking on cell phones can easily distract a person from the road when he is driving. It is mandatory not to attend phone calls when you are driving in the car. Many accidents have occurred in the past because people didn’t pay attention on the road as they were talking on the cell phones. Not only talking on the cell phone is prohibited but also texting is. If you want to arrive safely to your destination then just take a break from your cell phone.

Drive at mentioned speed

Youngsters like to break the rules. They drive cars at speed that is higher than the ones permitted. You must have heard your parents saying that it is better to reach late then not reaching at all. When you drive at high speeds sometimes you losses control over your car and it leads to major accidents. Mainly during the rainy season it is advisable to drive slowly because in rainy season the friction between the road and tires reduces which can cause the car to skid. Plan your routes to your destination this will save your time and you do not have to be in hurry to reach the destination.

Don’t play music on high volumes

Who does not love to hear music on large volumes when driving in the car? Especially youngsters have the habit to increase the volume of music when they are driving inside the car. They have the habit to hear music at much larger volumes then people at any other age do. Hearing music on large volumes while driving the car can be highly dangerous. When people hear music on large volumes in the car they are unable to hear the horns and emergency signals that ask them to move out of the way. when they do not do so at many times they meet with car accident. So it is advisable to hear music to low volumes when you are driving in the car.

At night remember to turn the headlights ON

You might not know this but there are three times more car accidents in the night as compared to the car accidents in the day. People do not know the basic night rules they must follow while driving in the night. Due to darkness people are able to see less in the nights on the road and hence it increases the probability of some motor vehicle accidents. Vision becomes impaired in the night and hence more people die in car accidents during the night. Do not ever forget to turn on your headlights in the night as this is the only way a person in another vehicle can recognize a vehicle coming towards it.

Check the breaks and engine

May car accidents occur because people are unaware of the problems in their engine? At many time the breaks of their car fails which results in car accidents. Before driving the car you must always keep a check on your engines and the breaks. Proper servicing should be done and vehicles should be maintained in a proper order. If you face any problem in your car while you are driving then pull down your car away from the road and ask for help instead of ignoring the problem.

Maintain distance from the vehicle ahead of you

Always maintain distance from the vehicle ahead of you. You must be following all the rules but there are chances that the person in front of you is not. So do not take the risk and maintain a safe distance. To know whether you are on a safe distance follow the three second rule. If you reach the object before three seconds then you are not driving at a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

Don’t drive when you have smoked or taken weeds

When a person is not in his full consciousness or even when he is tired it is advisable that he should not drive car. Driving car when you are not in your consciousness is equivalent to an impaired person driving the car. Citrates and many other drugs that people consume like weeds have dangerous compound like nicotine which impairs the thinking of a person and hence this make him a prey to car accident.

Follow the traffic rules

As the world is becoming modern people have less time for everything. In this hurry they sometimes forget to follow the traffic rules and meet with accidents. Not only you have to pay a lot of money when you are caught breaking the traffic rules put at times you may even have to pay your life if you break the rules. People in their hurry change the lanes without waiting for the signal to show which at many times become dangerous for their own life. While you change lanes it is always advisable for a person to show the signal of changing lane to prevent from accident to occur. Always wait for the light to turn green before rushing down your engine on the road.

Wear your seat belt

Researchers have shown that in the modern world among some of the main reasons why people are dying is car accident. When a person meet with a car accident due to the crash he gets hit on the head which at many times causes serious injuries and even death. Fastening your car belt can protect many injurious in a car accident. In many cities in India it has become compulsory to wear a seat belt before driving in the car. You will be amazed to know that the injurious and deaths that occur due to these car crashes can be reduced to 50 percent if people start wearing their seat belts before driving the car.

Don’t drive when you are drunk

In today’s modern world drinking habits have become a sign of status. Many youngsters and even adults have started drinking alcohol in larger amounts. Drinking in the night has become a fashion now. When people return to their homes drunk they are more vulnerable to car accidents. Alcohols contain compounds that impair a person’s consciousness and his ability to think. Alcohol has become one of the biggest reasons of car accidents that occur due to people’s mistake. Drinking alcohol reduces your power of judgment and hence this causes car accidents. If you are not afraid of death that does not mean that you won’t be afraid of becoming disabled. So if you want to prevent that happening to you don’t drive when you are drunk.

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